When Ducatis Racers Were Art

This is Walter Villa’s works Ducati 750 TT1.  Ducatis TT racers are some of the most beautiful and minimalist racing motorcycles ever created (certainly over the last 40 years).

Not Your Typical Ducati Daily Rider

Tony Hannagan of Bevel Tech wanted an everyday ride but it needed to be consistent with his bevel passion so no Pantah or Superquadro based nonsense!

Ducati to Celebrate 40th Anniversary of Smart’s Victory at Imola 200 Revival

Organisers of the third edition of the Imola 200 Revival event have held a press conference at the Ducati factory in Bologna, Italy, announcing this year’s exciting event at the Enzo and Dino Ferrari Circuit of Imola, 21-23 September. The famous race event of the 70s will not only be relived in an authentic gathering […]

Fatal Flaw Ruins Ducati Music Video

Putting a Ducati into a music video is always a good idea and choosing a 1974 Ducati 750SS is a great one.  That’s what Australian quintet Dappled Cities chose for their music video for ‘Run with the Wind’, a single from their forthcoming fourth studio album.  Pity about what happens at around the 3:52 mark.

Ducati Bevel Twins – Spot the Differences

One of these looks just like the other. This pair of 1975 Ducati bevel twins, the 750 and 900SS, are almost identical.  Can you spot the differences?

Restored 1973 Ducati 750 Sport For Sale

The guy who used to own this 1973 Ducati 750 Sport decided to start making a ‘custom’ out of it.  He should have been arrested.  Luckily the folks at Back to Classics got hold of it and performed a full restoration.

Remembering the First Ducati Daytona Victory

As we race to the opening round of the DMG AMA Pro Racing championship at the iconic Daytona circuit this weekend lets remember the first ever Ducati victory.  No, not the first Daytona 200 victory awarded to Jason DiSalvo in controversial fashion last year but the one Cook Nielson achieved 35 years ago.

Ducati to Celebrate 40th Anniversary of Imola 200 Victory

As Ducati starts production of its latest Superbike, the 1199 Panigale, it also prepares to mark the 40th anniversary of Paul Smart’s 1972 victory in the Imola 200.  The famous race win, and second place by teammate Bruno Spaggiari, literally kick-started Ducati’s participation in production-derived racing by proving Engineer Fabio Taglioni’s innovative 90° L-twin engine […]

Ian Gowanloch’s Ducati Farm

Ian Gowanloch has legendary status in the Ducati community and not only in his home country of Australia. His farm in the foothills of the snowy mountains is home to 10, 40 foot shipping containers full of Ducati parts making it the Ducati Happy Farm.

Ducati 350SCD Factory Racer

We take for granted that every Ducati you can buy today has desmodromic valve actuation (yes even the otherwise icon breaking 1199 Panigale). For the longest time though, Ducati road bikes had valve spring actuation. This 1967 Sport Corsa Demo 350 was the turning point that led to desmodromics hitting the streets.