Should Ducati Quit MotoGP?

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To: Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A, Ducati Corse & VAG group
Race real Ducatis or leave the Moto GP Championship.

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So begins a rather bizarre entry on petition site, the site that claims it can be just the uprising you need if you want to pressure the world to get what you want.

It worked for a bunch of fourth graders who gathered 57,000 signatures that resulted in Universal Studios updating the site for ‘The Lorax’ so that he could ‘speak for the trees’. 

It is less clear whether it will work for Alex Garcia who wants Ducati to either return to a trellis or carbon fibre frame and the race winning form of 2007-10 or quit MotoGP like Kawasaki and Suzuki did when they were serially uncompetitive.

“The route Ducati has chosen 3 years ago to go into the mainstream and abandon its differentiation, has not only resulted dramatic for the sportive results and the brands image, but it has also brought great embarrassment and sorrow to its loyal customers and fans. We beg Ducati to either make a 360 degree turn going back to the carbon or tubular frame, or to quit competing Moto GP and concentrating in the WSBK championship.”

There is no doubt that Ducati’s MotoGP campaign is in a difficult position.  In the first official test of the 2013 season both factory riders Andrea Dovizioso and Nicky Hayden finished over 2 seconds behind fastest man Dani Pedrosa and only 1/2 a second ahead of the first CRT machine piloted by Aleix Espargaro.  

The struggle looks uphill so far.  Just 39 people have signed the petition, far less than the 73,745 who want the WHO to Stop Classing Transsexualism as a mental illness.  


23 Responses to “Should Ducati Quit MotoGP?”

  1. i think Ducati should go back on their trellis frame, and not quit motoGp..

  2. Running a race team is by far a difficult task. Not only are the usual things like money, contracts, logistics and development always at odds with keeping up with the competition, but doing so while trying to keep up with rule changes and set backs is something that can be a heavy burden and a deep hole to crawl out of. This is what makes racing so exciting and aggravating…. That’s racing! Keep the nose to the grind stone Ducati. True race fans understand the dilemma and hopefully 2013 can be the year you figure things out. And while that may mean no wins, it does mean that 2014 will have you lining up for competition and not a season of R&D like it has been for the last few years.

  3. Superbikes is the best racing :)
    MotoGP not enough manufacturers!

  4. Can u imagine Moto GP with yet one less competitor. There already isn’t enough brand competition. It would be stupid to have another manufacturer drop out. I would much rather have Kawi and Suzuki come back and have some real completion and not always have the same guy win.

  5. if Ducati does a 360, wouldnt that put them in the same spot? lol pull out of motogp and sell bikes to satellite teams like aprilia. WSBK is way better.

  6. No they shouldn’t … If they can afford to be there then they have earned the right. The technological and mechanical advances that they develop in motogp do filter down to road going bikes and as previously mentioned there are not enough manufacturers on the grid … Plus it’s good for us Europeans to give the japs a run for their money.

  7. race is about commitment TO WIN…..not TO QUIT

  8. The key component that Ducati has on most other bikes is handling. The move to the CF and eventually the beam frame was all about power. They wanted to outpower everyone, but in the end, they lost the most important part for Ducati, handling. It can’t turn. Go back to creating a GREAT handling bike, ignore the airbox/power issue, the motor makes plenty of power.

  9. Turn 360 degrees and you ‘re back on the same spot…

  10. Yes

  11. No!

  12. I think we should petition Ducati to stop painting their bikes red. Really! !

  13. No, just get it right.

  14. does he knows that 360 degrees will put them into the same spot as they are now? -.-“

  15. No, they should build a better motorcycle and stay.

  16. NO!

    Ducati became what it is thx to racing…. leaving the gp would b a mistake…

  18. Ducati has 3 options

    1. Continue the non-frame frame (carbon or not)
    2. start from scratch : engine + frame
    3. quit motogp

    their problem is :

    1. they do not know what 1 will bring them when.
    2. Yamaha and Honda know their stuff so well after 50 years ofdevelopment that going the same route will not bring competitivness quickly. Only ending up doing something Honda or Yam like.. so not being Ducati..

    apparantly there would be a all new (engine included) GP14 by mid this season … let’s see what it brings

    to me : they should develop the non frame frame.. it’s impossbile not to able to make it work…

  19. I heard Nicky Hayden once saying that the bike electronics these days make the bikes so much faster, but he personally wished they were banned, because the playing field would be more level. It isn’t just the power and the chassis. I think Ducati is hopelessly behind on the electronics, not able to get the power delivery on the turns like the competitors can. It will be interesting to see if Audi can help with that.

    As for quitting MotoGP and focusing on WSBK, Ducati might not be particularly competitive in that arena either.

  20. I say give Ducati a chance to iron out the issues with the GP13. Two seconds off is not bad for a bike that has had so many new changes from Rossi development and testing. It is a twin spar aluminum frame for a reason – lack of front end feeling due to chassis rigidity or lack of a chassis so that the ancillary parts of the front suspension could not flex enough to give the front end feedback to riders.

    At this point I think its a electronics problem, hopefully Ducati sorts it out soon.

    Casey Stoner, if you happen to read this – can you throw a leg over this for 2013?

    George Villar

  21. James Ward………moron!!!!!!!!!! thats like Ferrari not painting their cars red.

  22. Trellis frame and same bodywork from 2007. thats all Ducati needs!

  23. well, now we know that the nonframe frame is quick and better than the trellies, let’s go back and develop that. After waisting 2 years on alubeam we know nothing about..