Frameless Ducati Panigale a Sales Success

Ducati1199 Panigale S

The Ducati 1199 Panigale may have cast aside much of what was traditionally considered de rigeur for the Bologna brand but it hasn’t exactly impeded sales. 

Ducati reports they have sold over 7,500 Panigales, despite initial commentator fears that the failure of the monocoque chassis concept in MotoGP may have rubbed off on the V-twin Superbike.

Despite a motorcycle market in downward trend, the 1199 Panigale has performed as well in the showroom as it has on the road and track, with a total of over 7,500 motorcycles sold during 2012.

The difficult market and depressed world economy has done little to slow Ducati as it continues to expand and improve in terms of market share and output and sales volumes, confirming the security of the company and providing an improved structure and organisation ready to face the coming years with more confidence than ever before.

For 2013, the new 1199 Panigale R will extend the family of models even further, the exclusive flagship of the range representing the machine specially developed with enhanced technical specification by Ducati Corse for World Superbike competition.

Source: Edited Ducati Corse

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7 Responses to “Frameless Ducati Panigale a Sales Success”

  1. The bike may not be competitive in it’s market, and the frameless design hasn’t led to much success in MotoGP, but that doesn’t take away from two things it does best: It looks and sounds AMAZING!!!

  2. The Panigale is by far the best racingmachine on the market. evrybody loves the handling . Even the great M.Schumacher drives one. What are we talking about ??

  3. Everything has improved with this bike over the 1098, yes some including myself are still deciding which looks better, 1199 has some nicer parts and so does the 1098. However, for MoToGP i dont think they still know exactly what made it lose front end feel which made Rossi enter/exit turns slower and hence not win races. It has taken 2 years with no clear solution, hopefully with Audi behind them they can think outside the box and zero in on the root of the issue and build it from there.

  4. @ALFASPEED……….drives?????? It’s obvious you do not own a motobike!!! It’s RIDES!!! you bafoon. You drive a car.

  5. @CJ.and you ride or own a Ducati GP12???? NO. so STFU. you have no idea why Rossi sucks so bad on a Ducati. Stoner could win on it.

  6. @Motonut : So??!!!!! What’s your problem. Bologna is my second home. Stand up for what you believe in or STFUp.Do you have internet or do read magazine tests.

  7. @Motonut: stop wanking so much. Its infecting your brain.