It’s Been 2 Years Since Ducati Won a MotoGP Race

Stoner Victory at PI

We’re betting that no-one thought that Casey Stoner’s almost inevitable victory at the Phillip Island round of the 2010 MotoGP World Championship would turn out to be the last time anyone won a race on a Ducati MotoGP machine for 2 whole years.  Sure Stoner was leaving but Valentino Rossi was coming and the G.O.A.T was bound to race to win right?

Ah No.  Vale almost certainly can’t wait to be shod of the Ducati Desmosedici GP12 after this season’s final race at Valencia.  Although he has scored podiums, Rossi has never looked like winning a race since he first swung a leg on the Ducati during the post season test at Valencia in 2010.

Instead those steady laps on the black machine set the tone for his two seasons for team red, never able to get the bike to his liking despite numerous changes to the engine and chassis that included effectively debuting the 2012 machine last year but in 800cc guise.

Stoner’s victory at home on October 17th , 2010 was his 4th in succession (he made it 5 last year on the Honda) and rather disappointingly only his 3rd victory of the season after struggling all year and not breaking through until the 13th race at new circuit Aragon.

Still he won races when no-one else could then or since.  We believe Nicky Hayden, Andrea Dovizioso and Ben Spies have little chance in 2013 either since Audi’s influence is unlikely to be seen before 2014.  All that to say that if you want to see what a Ducati winner looks like, you had better gaze on imminent retiree Casey below!

Stoner winning on a Ducati

Source: Ducati Corse

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8 Responses to “It’s Been 2 Years Since Ducati Won a MotoGP Race”

  1. The clear insinuation is that it’s Rossi’s fault. Ducati had fallen further and further behind the other factory teams since 2007. Stoner’s win totals by year reflect that and he didn’t waste any time leaving once Honda offered a ride. It’s going to take some time for them to be competitive again and Rossi didn’t have that much time left in his career. I hope Dovi and Spies can get the full Ducati/Audi support because I think they’re both good riders and it is good for the series to have Ducati as a competitive member.

  2. Stoner drives always more on the edge. Rossi is more a smooth driver. You see it in slowmotion when you look at a video of them.

  3. IMHO. Stoner managed 4th in 08 and 09 with the aweful carbon chassis he ordered.

    To an extent it is Rossi and Burgess fault. I cannot see the logic applied by Burgess and Rossi to take an Italian V4 and try to turn it into the M1, which is what they of course did. All reference points were back to the M1.
    Ducati need to break the link between prototypes (motogp) having a direct relation to their production bikes. This that have tried to maintain since entering motogp because this is what worked in WSB and they were not big enough to niot obtain a direct return on their motogp investment. The GP03 was really just a WSB bike with a V4. Like the current CRT bikes it was not ground breaking but loosely based on WSB tech. That worked whilst they had the tyre development advantage. Hopefully Audi will make a financial difference to the extent that it will simply tell Ducati to make a bike that wins no matter how it is configured. If any tech trickles down to their production bikes then fine. Currently they would do better with the old pre carbon chassis bikes or a highly tuned 1199.

  4. Stoner:

    2007 = 1st
    2008 = 2nd
    2009 = 4th
    2010 = 4th


    2011 = 7th
    2012 = Currently 6th with Crutchlow 2 points behind.

  5. From March 15th, 2011:

    “When asked about the situation over at Ducati, Stoner’s former team which saw several riders crashing in the (winter) test, Casey gave a very direct response.”

    ‘The Ducati is competitive – he explained – at the start of last year (2010) it was me making the mistakes in the early race laps, but by season’s end it was a winning bike (just prior to Rossi’s Valencia test). They (the current Ducati riders) only have to get used to it. They are making comments now, but they really don’t know the bike yet. Rossi will get there. It might take him a little bit of time, but he will get there.’

  6. Rossi = panzie scared garbage rider. Casey is always balls to the wall!!! Can ride any bike anyone can build.


  8. 2 years ..

    and don’t hold your breath!