Capirossi Says Rossi Favorite for 2013 MotoGP Title

 Loris Capirossi

Retired triple World Champion and former factory Ducati racer Loris Capirossi says that Valentino Rossi will find race and even championship winning form once he leaves Ducati and rejoins Yamaha at the end of the year.

Capirossi firmly puts the blame for Rossi’s poor Ducati performances at the feet of the factory.

“Valentino has done the right thing, because he’s still the best and he knows that well, and because with Ducati you can’t win anymore, at least not at the moment,” Capirossi told Repubblica. He couldn’t carry on, I’m sorry for Ducati, but perhaps the end of this love story will teach everyone something. They didn’t manage to keep up with the times.”

Capirossi, who won races on the Desmosedici and was a credible 2006 title contender for much of that season, seems to believe that Ducati for all their Italian passion take too technical an approach to their racing. 

“Valentino is right: they would talk about numbers, technical analysis, tables, without listening to the guy on the bike. For too long they had thought the problem was the rider, but it wasn’t.”

Loris too points out that the bike Vale is racing today is a far cry from the trellis framed, Bridgestone shod 800cc missile that Stoner dominated the 2007 season on.

“[Stoner’s] was a different bike. The year he won the title I won a race too and got on the podium twice,” he said. “I’d really like to see what Stoner would do with today’s Ducati.”

Capirossi, who still works in MotoGP as a safety advisor says Rossi is his 2013 title pick even though returning to a formerly successful team is not without its hazards.  In the 1980’s Eddie Lawson took his number 1 plate from Yamaha to Honda and won the championship but was unable to win another title upon being reunited with Yamaha.  Loris has answer for this objection too pointing out that Rossi is in a class of his own.

“Let’s not kid ourselves, there’s no one like him. He is a blessing for this sport.”

Sources: Autosport

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18 Responses to “Capirossi Says Rossi Favorite for 2013 MotoGP Title”

  1. I love Loris. He is delusional.

  2. Nabill Ap 😀

  3. who is capirossi? the person who failed to get a podium with a duc isnt? sama dgn rossi la.. patot la.. ha ha.. kekekeke

  4. you really can’t doubt capirex, nabil. 250cc world champion tu 😀

  5. Capirossi gave Rossi a good fight with the desmo. See history of MotoGP.

  6. c’est un ami fidéle au fil des années meme s’ils nétaient pas tjs d’accord et surtout trés admiratif du talent de rossi

  7. Capirossi? Who is that?
    Oh yes, now I remember. He is the guy that once torpedoed Tetsuya Harada to stop him from taking the 250 title…

  8. Capirossi? Who is that?
    Oh yes, now I remember. He is the guy that once torpedoed Tetsuya Harada to stop him from taking the 250 title…

  9. Put those cats nails away girls. I think most racers respect Capirossi that is why he is doing what he now is.
    “He is the guy that once torpedoed Tetsuya Harada to stop him from taking the 250 title”
    no one else in the history of motor racing has ever done that have they…..there is a long and distinguished list.

    Oh and get your facts right before digging those nails in….
    “the person who failed to get a podium with a duc isnt”…….

    However I think Capi Rossi is wrong.

  10. anche lui e un idiota

  11. Yeah right

  12. Ducati sure does have egg on it’s face, and when Dovi came it was with the proviso that Audi would help get the bike competitive….that said something right there that he didn’t put too much faith in the Ducati Course to get it right for him.

  13. I wouldn’t put it past him being back on a Yamaha where he had a lot of success before

  14. Pietro – care to elaborate…..?

    Ducati need to build a proper prototype, break the link with the need to make racijng development directly pay by keeping production and racing closely connected.
    Only Audi can allow them that by financing Ducati Corse (not course).
    Otherwise they will continue to me mediocre. That is why they went steel trellis double L twin and magnetti marelli in the first place. They built a CRT bike in 2003. Not a MotoGP bike.

  15. It’ll take more than one year for him to be successful.I do agree hopefully Ducati will pull their head out of their ass humble themselves and put a real frame on the bike. That’s why I haven’t purchased a 1199 same concept as the GP bike. We’ll see next year.

  16. Capirossi must be GAY and keen to suck Rossi’s pole. Plus he is a moron with Alzheimer’s!!! How quickly he forgets that the bike VR is riding is the same bike Stoner rode in 2010 and won races onand finished on the podium many times!!! what a dunce this Italian midget is!!

  17. Ducati just needs to go back to the Trellis frame!!! If it’s not broke why try to fix it???

  18. I wonder how many MotoGP bikes the foul mouthed, self styled, “Motoguru” has been within 100 metres of, let alone ridden in anger.


    Loris Capirossi is a much respected, ex MotoGP, rider.
    Casey Moaner is what he is.
    No bike at this level is the same as the one used last month never mind the previous year.
    Valentino Rossi made a major mistake in joining Ducati.
    2013 should be an interesting season (lets face it we need one).

    BTW personally I think Ducati make outstanding sportsbikes but need to realise it takes more than just data to make a winner in MotoGP.