Audi Provides Ducati with New Company Cars

Ducati Company cars

One of the changes coming as a result of Audi ownership seems to be the Ducati company car policy. The first set of cars arrived recently at Borgo Panigale with Ducati CEO Gabriele del Torchio gratefully receiving the suite of Audis from Audi Italy Director Michael Frisch.

Ducati and Audi

Source: Ducati

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5 Responses to “Audi Provides Ducati with New Company Cars”

  1. I hope all Audi employees now Receive a complimentary ducati so they can learn about real speed :)

  2. two wheeled speed of course! my wish list includes RS 4,6 or 7 (?).

  3. They should be red

  4. Audi (VW Group) who own Lamborghini should have provided a new Aventador in Borgo Panigale RED for CEO Gabriele del Torchio!!!!!

    George Villar

  5. It is good to see the perks of new management. I agree, that the top should have received Lambos but I don’t think anyone will be complaining.