Rossi to Dovi – Good Luck!

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Valentino Rossi has wished his Italian compatriot good luck following the announcement that  Andrea Dovizioso will join the factory Ducati squad in 2013.

Speaking during practice for the Brno MotoGP, Rossi pointed out that the Italian racer was very different to the Honda or Yamaha that Andrea is intimately familiar with.

“Ducati is very different for ride the bike and bring the limit. It is impossible to say for Dovi whether it will be more difficult or less. I think that anyway from next year a lot of things will change in Ducati, so I have to give my good luck to Dovi and especially to Ducati to fix some problem on the bike and be more competitive.”  

Despite Ducati’s renewed efforts and commitments, now under Audi ownership, to improve the performance of their MotoGP contender the company was unable to retain the services of Rossi who will head to Yamaha next year.

Ducati News Today believes that Rossi is leaving Ducati only with great reluctance and that in doing so he is signalling that the Ducati is unlikely to become any more competitive through 2013.

Source: Bikesport News

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5 Responses to “Rossi to Dovi – Good Luck!”

  1. perhaps the issue is that Rossi is unlikely to become competitive again?????????

  2. Would love to see a match race on the Ducati between Stoner & Rossi … might be very interesting

  3. I think his age, the loss of his friend Marco and his last big injury took a lot out of Rossi. Regardless, he is still one of the great champions, a remarkable rider and probably the biggest asset MotoGP has had

  4. Ducati News Today believes that Rossi is leaving Ducati with “great reluctance”….that’s too funny !!!

  5. You can leave a bad marriage reluctantly even though you know it the right decision.

    I think Rossi can hear the clock ticking and feels his abilities slipping, he couldn’t waste another year or two on the Ducati and hope to beat Lorenzo. Getting on the Yamaha will be the only he can gauge whether he still “has it”.

    So while it really was an ego-driven decision, ultimately Rossi is doing what he thinks is in his best interest. To continue the marriage analogy, the Ducati hasn’t exactly put out like it promised, and VR is back with his old girlfriend with whom he had an amicable split.