Rare Spondon Ducati 996 For Sale

Spondon Ducati 996

Despite the Ducati 1199 Panigale and the failed monocoque framed experiment in MotoGP, Ducatis are famous for the steel trellis.  Even so there have always been a few aluminium beam framed Ducati specials. One of the most interesting is this Spondon Ducati 996.

This is a rare chance to own a Spondon 996 Ducati. This may be the only example of a 996 powered Spondon.  The bike features truly exceptional english craftsmanship with an extruded aluminium beam frame, single-sided aluminium swingarm, Ohlins suspension and a Ducati 996 engine tuned by Kaemna in Germany.

Spondon Ducati 996

The bike doesn’t appear to be in streetable condition but with 140hp pushing less than 350lb (160kg) it would make an awesome track day toy.

Spondon Ducati 996

The asking price is £14,500 ($22,700) but what price having something that no-one else has?  We at Ducati News Today quite like it but what do you think?  Chime in with your comments.

Source: Car and Classic

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4 Responses to “Rare Spondon Ducati 996 For Sale”

  1. take something beautiful ab

  2. Curiously it has 944 painted on the fairing, are you sure it’s not a tuned ST2 engine in there?

  3. Looks like a 2 valve motor in the pics

  4. Looks more like a modified RC 30.