Fatal Flaw Ruins Ducati Music Video

Ducati Imola Replica Racer

Putting a Ducati into a music video is always a good idea and choosing a 1974 Ducati 750SS is a great one.  That’s what Australian quintet Dappled Cities chose for their music video for ‘Run with the Wind’, a single from their forthcoming fourth studio album.  Pity about what happens at around the 3:52 mark.

The video is shot at Eastern Creek in Sydney and includes a bunch of footage from what looks like a Post Classic meeting.  You can spy a Honda RC30, Yamaha TZ250U and many more older classics in addition to the Ducati Imola Replica built by Ron Young.

This bike won the 2009 Australian Period 4 Post Classic championship.  It started life as a 1974 750 SS,but is now 1064cc with a plain bearing crank, 60º heads, Carrillo rods, Nikasil barrels, close ratio gearbox, dry clutch, twin plug heads, 41.5mm carbies & a chrome moly frame. Oh and it produces 110hp and weights just 160kg.

Pity then that the video creators decided the Ducati should sound like a Suzuki GSX-R rather than the sound of thunder.

Ducati Imola Replica Racer engine

Ducati Star Photographer Phil Aynsley snapped these shots of the bike in the Hunter valley in NSW, Australia. You can check out some more photos of this special bevel racer on Phil’s site.

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4 Responses to “Fatal Flaw Ruins Ducati Music Video”

  1. this is absolute garbage- as a ducati owner, vintage bike builder and racer, not to mention self taught musicain, i am fuckin offended by this shit…

  2. Sons of anarchy did this also. Dunno why, when ducs sound so much better.

  3. George Villar on July 23rd, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    Not cool.

    George Villar

  4. This happens in movies all the time but the general public is unaware. I always have a chuckle to myself