Ducati MotoGP Qualifying – Mugello

Hector Barbera on Front Row for Mugello

If ever Valentino Rossi needed a strong result it was at the Italian Grand Prix.  And indeed two Ducatis ended up at the sharp end of the field during qualifying for tomorrow’s Mugello MotoGP but only one was in the factory squad and it wasn’t even the fastest.  Hector Barbera put his Pramac Ducati on the front row.

Barbera was the star of the Ducati show who put his satellite spec Pramac Ducati into 3rd position, just a over a quarter of a second behind Dani Pedrosa’s pole position time.

Nicky Hayden posted the fourth-best lap time in qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello. The American made two clean attempts for fast laps near the end of the session, and in both cases he was well into the 1 minute, 48 second range, finishing just over one tenth of a second off the front row and less than four tenths from pole.

Valentino Rossi, meanwhile, wasn’t able to take advantage of the soft tyre, and his time, which was good for tenth on the grid, came when he was on the hard tyre.  

Hèctor Barberà (Pramac Racing) 3rd place (1’47.545)

“If yesterday somebody told me that I could start from the front row, I would not have believed it. But today I’m on the first row and tomorrow I will start Pramac Racing’s home race from an amazing third spot on the grid. It’s like a dream. I had to say thanks to my crew, who worked tirelessly during every session, understanding how to work with our Ducati machine. But there is another important point: I really enjoyed riding my bike and these kinds of sensations allowed me to have a more consistent and faster pace. Tomorrow I will try to have a good start and fight for the whole race with the front guys.”



Nicky Hayden (Ducati Team) 4th (1:47.671)
“That was exciting. I don’t think anyone left anything on the table today, which is the way that qualifying should be. My goal was to be in the 47s and in the top five, and we accomplished that, which is good. On the other hand, to be so close to the front row here at Mugello makes me wish for just that little bit more. Still, fourth on the grid isn’t a bad starting spot here at Mugello. We picked up a couple of things today, and we’ve steadily made the bike a bit better. Compared to yesterday, I was quite a bit quicker with the hard tyre this afternoon. It’s going to be an extremely hard race, because at these temperatures, tyre wear could be difficult. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the race tomorrow. Hopefully I can do a good result that this team, these fans and I can all be proud of. I’m expecting a wild one tomorrow.”

Valentino Rossi (Ducati Team) 10th (1:48.502)
“It didn’t go very well, which is a shame. The biggest problem was that I didn’t improve at all with the soft tyre, while the others lowered their times a lot. It’s too bad because we’re not so far off with the hard tyre. With the soft, I had a lot of chatter, to the point that I couldn’t take advantage of it. Anyway, the hard tyre is what will be used in the race, so we could go a little better. Of course I’ll have to start tenth, from the fourth row, so I’ll have to make some passes. We’re pretty fast in the first part of the track, but we lose a lot in T4. We’ll see what we can do.”

Source: Ducati Corse, Pramac

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  1. ducati your bike sucks!! preziosi has been failin miserably for 5 years and the guy is untouchable! why? he fluked 1 good bike in 2007 and thats it! i hope audi wheel him over a cliff

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