That Rossi Slide Photo

Ducati GP Phoenix Sepang Test 1 12

One of the symbols of how much happier Valentino Rossi was with the new factory Ducati GP12 MotoGP racer following the first official test at Sepang, Malaysia was the opening photograph shot by his official photographer Gigi Soldano showing an almost Stoneresque slide on the new 999cc V4.  Apparently many racing fans worldwide thought the photo was faked.

So Gigi posted the entire series on his blog showing the entry to the sliding exit.  Here are the first and the last of the photo sequence.  Check out the rest on Gigi Soldano’ Blog (Google Translation).

Rossi Sepang Slide 1


Rossi Sepang Slide 2

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4 Responses to “That Rossi Slide Photo”

  1. Excellent – thanks for sharing! Look forward to a fantastic and competitive 2012 for Ducati, Rossi and Hayden.

  2. We want it VALE, i didn’t want u 2 stay in pole position.But i want u 2 stand in podium of 2012 championship ceremony. GO!!!!!!!!

  3. Youguysaredorks on February 24th, 2012 at 2:06 pm

    WHO CARES.!!! Stoner is KING!!!!

  4. Stoner is the current world champion obviously as he rode a very good season last year no one can dispute that. Sorry but he needs 8 more championships to achieve “King” status to overtake Rossi.