How Ducati is Like Apple Redux

As an Apple aficionado I’ve longed noticed how often Ducati fans are also Apple fans. Now I’ve got the server logs to prove it. The Redux series is all about bringing back blasts from the past that our newer readers may not have caught first time around. Here are some ways that Ducati is Like Apple.

Fully 30% of our traffic comes from Macs or iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone so we already know that our readers are a target rich environment when it comes to the Apple ecosystem. What is is about the two brands that attracts the same kind of people?

1. Ducati has Stellar Brand Awareness

Ducati is a minor player numerically in the motorcycle market just as Apple is in the computer one but that doesn’t stop the brands being almost household names. Almost any soccer mom in an SUV has heard of Ducati (even if she thinks Harley is cooler). And the guys at the office probably think of Ducati as the Ferrari of motorcycles, all dripping in Italian charm and style. In the same way, everyone knows about Apple even if its computer market share is in the single digits.

This larger than life pervasiveness where brand awareness far outstrips actual penetration and use is no doubt the result of superlative marketing from both companies but it also comes as a result of having. Ducati is helped by its investments in racing which has helped cement its performance image and just like Apple, Ducati is an aspirational brand for motorcyclists.

2. You Pay a Premium

A base model Ducati 1198 costs $16,495 (and the 1199 Panigale will be even more), $3,000 more than a Yamaha R1, but you don’t want just the base model do you? One definition of Brand Equity is how much more you can charge for an otherwise similar product due to the fact that it has brand ‘X’ stamped on the side. There is no doubt that Ducati, like Apple, command premium prices for their products and for the most part their customers aren’t concerned, because for them, there is real value in having Ducati (or Apple) etched prominently on the side.

3. Ducati has Fanboys and Haters

The debate over Windows versus Mac has raged for years and shows no signs of abating. There are some who queue up time and time again to buy anything Apple offers for sale and then those who wouldn’t be seen dead with an iPhone and don’t know why anyone would buy an iPad.

The same is true with Ducati. The template for a Ducati rider is either someone who enjoys a sense of Italian style and design flair coupled with torquey V-twin performance honed on the racetrack or a soy latte sipping poseur with chicken strips on their tire who wouldn’t know an apex from an Amex.

You know which side you’re on!

Continue on to 5 Ways Ducati is Like Apple to read about how both companies are Brave Enough to Expand outside their Cores and have captured have expanded outside their original niche audiences to become mainstream cool.

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3 Responses to “How Ducati is Like Apple Redux”

  1. The majority of NEW Ducati owners since 2006 are the…… latte sipping poseur with chicken strips on their tire who wouldn’t know an apex from an Amex.

  2. And out of shape fatboys who wish Ducati would make racebikes big enough to suit their fat asses.

  3. ok, mark, nz is making you soft already. love you much buddy, but why not bugger off to philips island and report on wintertime doings of the checa squad or something ?!

    ps- does hmmmm have some anger management issues or what?