Ducati 900SS Cafe Racer

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Our friends at Rocket Garage have done it once again.  This time they have discovered an elemental cafe racer based on the cheap and underrated Ducati 900SS.

The secret to a great cafe racer is to eliminate everything that isn’t essential.  Older Pantah powered machines are an excellent starting point as they are little more than an air-cooled, 2-valve power plant in a a simple trellis with some forks and a non rising rate rear shock.

0039 ducati ss 03

To these simple ingredients the creators of this bike, Union Motorcycle Classics, have added an older bevel style fairing and rear seat cowl.  The elegant white and grey paint scheme reinforces that you don’t have to have (or spend) mega bucks to create something elegant, dersirable and unique.  Don’t’ know about you but we love it!

Source: Rocket Garage (Google Translation)

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3 Responses to “Ducati 900SS Cafe Racer”

  1. You guys are wrong. Rocket Garage is a BLOG SITE.

    That bike was made by us at http://www.unionmotorcycle.com/

    We built it for a customer:

  2. Beautiful. The one thing I would change if this were mine is to remove the belt covers.

  3. We know Rocket Garage is a blog site, we just lovd their taste in the bikes they choose to cover. Thanks for making the comment, we’ll update the story with your link. And awesome work by the way.