Rare Ducati 750 Sport Racer For Sale

Ever heard of a Fabian Cortez replica Ducati 750 Sport? No, neither had I till I clamped eyes on this one, owned by friend Ron Barton and now for sale. This very rare bike is a turn key racer offered by Cagiva North America in 1991. Cagiva shipped off a brand new Ducati 750 Sport to famed tuner Eraldo Ferracci to create this, a replica of the 1990 Pro-Twins GP2 racer that Fabian Cortez rode to championship victory.

The second, pantah powered Ducati 750 Sport is rare enough to start with but this example has been transformed from tame to tiger. Fast by Ferracci blue printed the engine, installed chrome moly Carillo rods and slotted in his own 12:1 high compression pistons. Hot cams from NCR were offered but this example has had Australian V2 lumpy cams fitted in their place. Big valves allow for more suck and blow whilst 41mm Mikuni Pro Series Flat slides replaced the stock automotive sourced Weber. The 2 into 1 into 2 exhaust has Ferracci stamped on the side but was made for FBF by another famed tuner, Rob Muzzy. Ferracci claimed in this state of tune the engine made 88hp.

Next attention was turned towards the chassis. The stock 16″ wheels were ditched in favor of 17″ spun aluminum Performance Machine rims in 3.5″ front and 4.5″ rear sizes. Mounted to the new wheels were 11″ Brembo floating cast iron rotors that were clamped onto by 4 piston Performance Machine calipers moderated by a Grimeca master cylinder. Finally a Fox shock replaced the standard Marzocchi. Following Cortez’s victory in 1990, Stephen Mathews rode a similar bike to take the title the following year. This machine is on display in the Barber Museum at Barber Motorsports Park (see photo above).

As few as 3 of these bikes were built, principally because it cost $10,500 in 1991 to get a bike with most of the street gear discarded! Ron’s bike adds to the basic spec with twin plug heads for better flame front propagation, a carbon fiber tank and the aforementioned V2 cams (he also has the NCR ones). Ron raced the bike to second place in the AHRMA Formula 2 Twins Championship in 1998. He is looking for offers for the bike. You can call him on +1 404 433 0500 or send us a note via our contact page and we’ll put you in contact with him. For the price of a Suzuki SV650 racer you could have something far more exotic!

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  1. Great bike!! I own the bike that was used by Cycle World for their article on the bikes..it was boug after the test from Pro Italia and sold to a friend of mine who raced it for a year until he boug an 851. Now I have it..how much are you trying to get?

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