Three Quarters of Diavel Buyers are New to Ducati

Ducati must have been nervous as they introduced the Diavel this year, the model most distant from its sportbike roots. It turns out they needn’t have worried with more than 1,000 sold in the US so far this year with the great majority of buyers coming from other brands.

Ducati has weathered the global financial crisis well, introducing a slew of new models as it maintained its R&D investment despite a market slump. Consequently it has seen its fortunes rise as models targeted at new segments, always with a view to maintaing the Ducati performance essence, have lifted sales. The company is on track to sell 42,800 units by years end setting a new record.

Whilst sales of motorcycles 500cc and above have declined by 4.3% this year, Ducati is growing its market share with sales lifting by 19%. A large part of this success has come from the Multistrada 1200, the revised 848EVO and the new Diavel.

One thousand Diavels have been sold so far this year in the US and fully 74% of the buyers have come to Ducati for the first time from other brands. This is exactly what the company had in mind, the Diavel was always about expanding the presence of the Ducati brand rather than pandering to current loyalists. The Multi is also up 49% as this model begins to become a mainstay for the company. The revamped Monster series is also up 53% whilst the 848EVO has been a standout growing sales by 80%!

Source: Dealernews

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