A New Ducati Monster Coming Soon? [UPDATED]

Ducati love a tease and a new one is currently underway concerning the Monster, this time with an interesting twist. Ducati Malaysia is promising to reveal a Monster announcement later this month just before the Sepang MotoGP.

A countdown on the Ducati Monster microsite indicates something is up with a drawing of a Ducati Monster under a red bike cover with the phrase ‘Discover the Myth’ emblazoned on it. The reveal, whatever it is, will occur on October 20th, the Thursday before the Malaysian round of the MotoGP championship taking place at the Sepang circuit.

Ducati Malaysia’s official Twitter account tweeted out on October 1st that ‘The New Monster arrives in 19 days‘. So what is it? Given the current lifecycle of the Monster range and the location of the announcement it seems reasonable to assume that it will be a model specifically for developing markets in Asia.

Ducati has produced a smaller capacity 400cc Monster in the past specifically for the Japanese market and earlier this year Ducati Australia introduced a learner legal (LAMS) 659 model. With Ducati working on a new factory in Thailand it is possible that a new model could be the first fruit of this new investment.

At any event, Ducati Malaysia will host a Monster Party where, with Valentino Rossi in attendance, it is likely that the reveal will be made. If you are going, take some photos for us!

While we wait, there is some nice information on the history of the Ducati Monster up on the site including one of designer Miguel Galuzzi’s first sketches which of course reminds us that the original concept for the Monster was to include the 4-valve, liquid cooled 888 powerplant. You can learn more about the Ducati Monster by checking out our Ducati Monster Bible Review.


A press release from Ducati Australia confirms that the new model will in fact be a special Monster model exclusively for the Asian market.  The model will be known as the Ducati Monster 795 and will presumably combine the current 796 power plant with the lower cost chassis and running gear from the smaller 696 model.

Ducati unveiled the new Monster 795 in Kuala Lumpur on October 20th

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  2. So the only difference in the chassis between the 696 and 796 is the single sided swingarm, correct? Essentially what they will have is 796 with a double sided swingarm. Or is it a 696 with a 796 motor?

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