Stolen Ducati Turns Up … 12 Years Later

It took 12 years, but a limited edition Ducati 996SPS stolen from Australian Motorcycle News magazine in 1999 has now been found – at a recycling depot in Melbourne, Australia.

Journalist Mark Fattore was unnerved to find that the Australian police wanted to chat with him about “an issue from a few years ago”. Turned out a few years ago to the police meant 1999 when Fattore, then working for motorcycling rag AMCN, had a Yamaha R1 and a Ducati 996SPS stolen from his home.

“Let me set the scene. In 1999, I was a staff journalist at Australian Motorcycle News, and we had just returned from a mega superbike comparo at McNamara Park in Mount Gambier (SA). All the bikes were stickered-up to look like the machines which had competed in that year’s Australian Superbike Championship – which was a memorable winning one for Ducati and Steve Martin.”

Ironically, the bikes were at his home since the magazine had had a Kawasaki stolen recently and his house with a lock up garage was deemed ‘secure.’ Or not.

After some police interest at the time in the possibility of busting motorcycle theft racquet, the trail went cold until just the other day. The bike now sporting just a frame, swingarm and engine was found just 40km (24 miles) away at a rubbish tip. Someone had discovered the bike presumably while dumping their trash and purchased the remains.

Unbeknownst to the buyer, he was buying stolen goods – a scenario that many innocent people find themselves in. Anyway, it kickstarted a flurry of correspondence that eventually led to the insurance company which paid out on the SPS. When asked if it wanted to take possession, the insurance company’s response was: “Leave it at the tip.”

Thanks to my brother Richard for the tip off.


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  1. you people don’t know the difference between an sps and a biposto?