Ducati 1199 Panigale Fat Testing Photos

The newly named 2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale Superbike has been caught undergoing some road testing with a rather rotund individual at the controls further reinforcing how petite the new model is.

Looking like Casey Stoner in a fat suit (the rider sports a Nolan Stoner replica helmet) the photos show a disguised bike that reveals a few details we haven’t seen before. The bike appears to sport a termignoni exhaust system and the rather ugly looking exhaust routing behind the rear cylinder is covered with an equally ugly heat shield that one would hope is likely not to be of production specification.

The initial feedback seems negative to the styling which is a cross between the 999 and the 1098 with some Triumph Daytona thrown in to this observer. I agree it doesn’t look particularly striking in these photos but at least part of this is the lumps and bumps of the camouflage breaking up the lines.

I would expect the diminutive Ducati contender for the FIM World Superstock title next year to be a stunner when it is revealed this November at the EICMA show in Milan based on some of the other photos we have seen of the 1199 Panigale. Leaked information suggests the new Ducati will boast peak power of 195bhp along with a wet weight of 395lb (179kg).

Source: Ducati.ms

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9 Responses to “Ducati 1199 Panigale Fat Testing Photos”

  1. Fats guys need bikes too.. Something looks off about those photos. Either the bike is about the size of a 125 or that guy is over 6’7″ and 250lbs

    You’re being nice calling it petite.

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  3. It looks as if a titanium exhaust pipe is relief-cut into the 1199 fairing (throttle side) in the photo. I do not think that is attractive although the power-to-weight ratio looks good on paper.

  4. I forgot to say – was this photo taken in Parma? (il grasso di Italia)…

  5. @George thanks for your passionate comment. I think the truth is that Ducati is seeing whether a brand savvy non biker will be swayed to Ducati rather than to Harley which is the current default choice for all the born again biker accountants etc

  6. return of the “big” mac, hey mark?

  7. @Tony return of the Supersize option!

  8. @Mark – And Don’t forget the biggie Diet Coke..

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