Another Gorgeous Radical Ducati

How do these Spanish Ducati artisans keep pumping them out? It seems each incarnation of a custom Ducati from Radical Ducati is tricker and more lust inducing than the one that came before. This time they have unleashed their talents on a modern belt drive Ducati 900SS.

Many Ducatisti mourn for the passing of the Supersport range which combined the simple, air-cooled, 2-valve engines with their eminently streetable power delivery and classic styling. Radical took a 900SS and amped up both the power delivery and the styling.

The minimalistic body work started off on a Yamaha TZ250 racer and is complemented by more power courtesy of a blue printed engine, ported heads and a Dynojet Jetkit for these arcane items termed carburetors!

About the only stock item apart from the frame is the tank but the sibbling parts bin was raided for the front fender which was originally intended for an 851. It is nice to see some tires that have got hot and tested to their edges suggesting that this bike is both enjoyed for its function and its form.

Images by Javier Fuentes

Source: BikeEXIF

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