Preziosi Would Have Preferred a Ducati Twin for MotoGP

8 years after entering MotoGP with a V4, Head of the Ducati MotoGP effort, Filippo Preziosi still laments that he didn’t build a V-twin. Preziosi met with journalists after the official Brno MotoGP tests on Monday to answer questions like ‘When are you going to build a bike with aluminum beam frame?”

Preziosi comfortably fended off claims that the carbon monocoque needs to go, implying that stiffness is the issue but that the team were exploring how to adjust that tin ways that didn’t involve the frame.

“We test some different option, and we build up some knowledge from that. So now we are doing other modifications to the bike that are related to the stiffness, but not necessarily related to the frame.”

He also rejected outright the view that it is the 90º angle of the V4 that is the issue as has been speculated upon by David Emmett of

“At the moment, we have never reached a configuration in which the engine was the limit. Typically, one limit could be where you are trying to put more weight on the front, and you touch the front wheel to the cylinder head cover. But we are away from that limit, so at the moment we can modify the weight distribution without any constraints coming from the engine. So we are in the middle of the adjustment.”

However his most interesting comments were about selection of an engine format in the first place. Before the debut of the Desmosedici, the company explored the possibility of utilizing a V-twin. Although this format didn’t move forward the work has been instrumental in the building of the Superquadrata powerplant in the forthcoming 2012 Ducati 1199 Superbike. Filippo makes it clear that he still prefers a 2 cylinder solution, even if, for now the rules make it unattractive from an outright performance standpoint.

“I personally believe that the two-cylinder is the best engine if you are not constrained by rules. So for the market, it’s the best, but if people who write the rules write with different numbers, between the two and four-cylinder, it pushes the technician in one direction or the other.”

He is also clear about the reason, which relates to drivability, something any Ducatista feels when they ride their Ducati on the road.

“For me, the two-cylinder has a good drivability. When I read about more torque, I’m laughing, because what is more important is not the crankshaft torque, but the wheel torque, and because the total ratios between the four-cylinder and two-cylinder are different, because the revs are different, it’s enough you put a street bike on a dyno, and you make a measurement of the torque at the wheel, and you easily discover that for example, a four-cylinder 1,000 has more torque than a two-cylinder at the same bike speed. So this is just mystification from my point of view. But the rideability of the two-cylinder is easily the good point.”

Source: Asphalt & Rubber

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