Ducati 888SPO Special Wallpaper Redux

The Redux series is all about bringing back blasts from the past that our newer readers may not have caught first time around. This time we have a gorgeous, highly modified 1993 Ducati 888SPO that displaces 955cc.

Since the most sort after SP models weren’t ever homologated for the USA, American 4-valve Ducati fans had to make do with special US only editions that weren’t as feature packed. Doug Velez, however, has made so many modifications to this SPO that it makes a genuine SP model look a little tame.

Doug’s bike packs 130bhp at the rear wheel care of its 955cc powerplant and weighs just 390lb (177kg). For more photos and the full list of upgrades check out the original Wallpaper Wednesday: 1993 Ducati 888SPO Special post.

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One Response to “Ducati 888SPO Special Wallpaper Redux”

  1. Rare and original 888’s seem to get all the attention in the market right now. I love that this bike is both loved and modified!