Ducati Diavel Track Video

The Ducati Diavel does defy definition but it is the closest bike that Ducati makes that approximates a cruiser. Check out the video after the jump where you can see a Diavel performing pretty nicely on track. The video does reveal one other thing when a Ducati 1198 appears. For all the talk of the Diavel being the fastest accelerating Ducati the video shows it is just that…talk. I think the phrase is ‘Blew By You’.

Hat Tip: Inline Performance
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One Response to “Ducati Diavel Track Video”

  1. I have a driving-school in Austria ( 25 bikes, 5 Ducatis, and since 2 months also a Diavel ) I am very disappointed of the Ducati-service because i am waiting since one month for a brake-pedal for my Diavel
    Ing.Peter Haider
    A-9400 Wolfsberg