Ducati 848EVO Dominates Miller Test

Ducati’s 848EVO remained top of the Daytona Sportbike class during a scheduled test session at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah. Following victory by Jason DiSalvo in the Daytona 200, 848 racers DiSalvo and PJ Jacobsen positioned themselves at the front of the Daytona Sportbike field during the 2 day test.

Jacobsen, riding his Celtic Racing Fast By Ferracci Ducati 848EVO, was one of the fastest riders on the track during this weeks official AMA Pro Racing testing period, which was held at the immaculate Miller Motorsports Park in Utah. Over the two days of testing, the young racer rode a total of eight sessions and turned in over 150 laps. On day one, Jacobsen was the fastest of his class, scoring a best time of 1.56.48.

On day two, Jacobsen was able to lower his best time to a 1.55.59, but was just edged out by another Ducati mounted rider, Jason DiSalvo. Eraldo Ferracci, the team’s Technical Director, felt the two days of testing were very positive.

“From Daytona to now, we improve 200%. Everything went really well. We do ok and really we have no problems this week. I really do think we went well, and personally, I feel like we in the groove. Our Ducati is running very strong, and overall, the brand went 1-2 for the fastest time, so that says something good for sure.”

PJ shared a similar view as Eraldo,

”Man, this past week went great. It was a little cold though, but that didn’t matter. Before this test, we spent some time in New Jersey doing a few track days, where we made quite a few small changes to the bike. So when we arrived at Miller, the bike was good and we just focused mostly on different tire choices and everything went well. I am really looking forward to getting onto the second race of the season at Infineon, but this test was great. We pretty much dropped our times every session on Monday and Tuesday, and my K-Tech suspension was working great. “

The next round of the AMA series will be held at scenic Infineon Raceway in Northern California on May 13-15.

Source: Celtic Racing

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