Ducati Diavel Starbucks Special Edition

Hot on the heels of the Ducati Multistrada 1200 Pikes Peak Special Edition comes the announcement of the new Ducati Diavel Starbucks Special Edition designed to capitalize on the strength of the two iconic brands.

Ducati is on a roll lately. They have introduced new models that have wowed Ducatisti and the press alike, grown market share during an economic crisis and accelerated the penetration of the Ducati brand into the mainstream as evidenced by their product placement successes in Hollywood.

Now Ducati have started delivering Diavels to dealers comes this new variant. Based on the Ducati Diavel Carbon model, the Starbucks edition is painted in a special green hue that harks not only to the famous Starbucks green but also the Ducati 998 Matrix edition. However unlike the Pike Peak Multistrada 1200, the changes are not just cosmetic as the Diavel is fitted with a full Termignoni exhaust.)

In yet another example of how progressive Ducati has become these days, each of the Diavel Starbucks Special Editions comes with a unique Ducati branded Starbucks Gold card already loaded with $162, one for every horsepower that the testastretta 11º engine pumps out. That adds up to plenty of lattes!

Priced at $22,995, the Ducati Diavel Starbucks Special Edition is a $3,000 premium above the Carbon Black model which actually strikes us as reasonable value since the Diavel termignoni exhaust costs $3,299 on its own.

What do you think? Something you’d consider or a bridge too far? Chime in with your views in the comments section below.

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14 Responses to “Ducati Diavel Starbucks Special Edition”

  1. funny, we had some guy named Howard in last week talking about this??!!

  2. Check the date. Good one Mark!

  3. That is funny! Thanks a lot for a good laugh, Mark :-)

  4. Well done — and sadly not too unlikely LOL!


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  7. This bike is completely missing the point of motoring. I mean, since when do motorcyclist with bugs in their teeth drink a frappuccino decaf late…? Come on.

  8. Jj

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  10. Wouldn’t it have made sense for both companies to do a colab. on a cafe racer style bike like the sport classic? Maybe it’s just me, but a 162hp Diavel does not strike me as the kind of bike that one would see parked at starbucks.

  11. Mark Morrison on April 5th, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    I assume you’re joking?

  12. Hilarious. Ducati is very savvy when it comes to marketing, but a Starbucks edition? At least make it something related to motorcycles or racing, like they did with the 1198 Corse edition or even the Multistrada Pikes Peak edition. On the other hand, I did test ride a Diavel a couple days ago and loved the bike, it is not a cruiser, it is a performance bike, no matter what anyone says. It also happens to handle beautifully and is very fast and stable as well. A great bike- I can see myself on one.

  13. Pure gold!

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