CorsaCaffe combines Ducati Passion with Caffeine

If you ride a Ducati you already have or will quickly develop an appreciation for Italian culture. The style, the passion and the celebration of the artisan. Oh and coffee. Powerful espresso, smooth macchiato and indulgent cappuccino. Now with CorsaCaffe why not combine the two?

Arun Sharma’s passion for Italy and Ducati knows no bounds. Being the manager of a Ducati dealer (MotoCorsa) in Portland Oregon is not enough since Arun also produces CorsaVino a series of Motorcycle Inspired Wines’ which we have previously reviewed. Now he has added Coffee to the list with Corsa Caffe.

Arun Sharma is devoted to Italian motorcycles. These fine machines are for him the embodiment of craftsmanship, artistry and savoring the moment. Many trips to Italy exposed Arun to the Italian culture and ritual of slowing down to share coffee with friends. Determined to preserve classic traditions in his Pacific Northwest home, Arun sought out acclaimed roaster Din Johnson of Ristretto Roasters. Proposing the idea, he discovered Din’s mutual love for Italian motorcycles – and thus CorsaCaffe was born.

The final piece of the puzzle was the package art and the solution was obvious. Elizabeth Raab is a photographic artist specializing in creative and automotive portraiture. Her images often contain a visually strong emotional sensuality that crosses the boundary between her subjects and objects. Raab has often used Ducatis in her photos and you can review her portfolio at her site

CorsaCaffe comes in three varieties, two of them leaded and one unleaded (decaffeinated). Ducati News today sampled the Rosso and Nero blends. We fired up our Saeco Superautomatic espresso machine and went about the task of drinking copious espresso shots, lattes, machiattos and cappuccinos.

According to Arun the Rosso blend makes a superb straight espresso that also stands up beautifully to milk with deep dark chocolate and ripe berry flavors. Ideal for French press and other brewing methods. To my and Mrs Ducati News Today’s palate, the flavor was smooth with a medium roast. The coffee struck us as better for brewing rather than as an espresso.

If you prefer your Ducati with a full termignoni system to the stock exhaust then you’ll likely prefer the Nero blend as we did. This darker roast has a much stronger flavor just the thing to kickstart your day in the morning. Arun describes it as a solid blend of regional coffees. Aromatic with orange peel and leather. In the cup sweet caramels and chocolates combine with guava and hibiscus to balance perfectly. Exactly what I was thinking! The Nero was my favorite and had me making excuses to have another coffee (as if you need excuses).

Beans are roasted to order and shipped out same day. If you love coffee as much as your Ducati you owe to yourself to try CorsaCaffe or buy it for a loved one.  Sure beats Starbucks!

The Rosso, Nero and Decaffeinato beans are available from CorsaCaffe priced from $13.75 to $14.25 for a 12oz package plus shipping.

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Thanks to CorsaCaffe who provided the Rosso and Nero beans for this review.

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