Brand New Bimota DB1 For Sale

The diminutive Bimota DB1 was, as it name suggests, the first time the evocative Italian company had used a Ducati powerplant in one of their models. In 1985 the fully enclosed bodywork, 16″ wheels front and rear and Marzocchi M1R fork with Brembo Goldline brakes were the height of trick when it came to motorcycle technology. Our friends at Rare Sport Bikes For Sale have discovered a zero mile, 1986 example for sale on eBay.

This example is a 1986 one with zero miles and has never been started. Just 453 of this base model were made and even fewer examples were produced of the hotter S and SR models. In the words of the seller:-

“Up for auction is a 1986 Bimota DB1. This is a very clean motorcycle that I am selling for my Dad who is selling his collection. This bike is is brand new with zero miles and has never been started. The Vin# is DB100023. The condition of the bike is fantastic. There is no title or mso with this bike. “

There are some issues with this bike since it has no title. The km/h speedometer suggests a gray import. Still, this is a chance to buy an effectively new Bimota, the very first to feature a Ducati V-twin (750cc Pantah as seen in the 750F1).

With 4 days left to run on the auction the price had been bid up to $20,000 but without triggering the reserve. If you want it, go crazy on eBay here.

Source: Rare Sportbikes for Sale

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3 Responses to “Brand New Bimota DB1 For Sale”

  1. No title sounds just a bit fishy…how do you go register something that has never been registered?

    Never started? Really? What moron buys something like this and never starts it? What is the chance it will start after 25 years of collecting dust?

  2. Mark Morrison on April 21st, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    @Brett it is not that uncommon for collectors bikes not to be started. The person who buys this will no doubt also be a collector. If you wanted a DB1 to actually ride there are better and cheaper choices. Me I couldn’t not ride any bike I owned!

  3. I’ll assume this is a museum style collection and not a “I’m Jay Leno and I have more money than the catholic church and I use all my shiny toys!” type of collection.

    Also, the machine has ~3 miles on the odometer. 5km. Not 0…