Ducati 1198S Humiliates the Italian Stallion

Motor Trend magazine put the Ducati 1198S to the test against another passionate Italian rival, one with two too many wheels, the Ferrari 458 Italia. As expected it handed out a thorough thrashing to the supercar, well at least in the hands of professional road racer Steve Rapp. See for yourself in the video after the jump.

Are you beginning to tire of these bike versus car comparo’s?. You know, the ones where you take an open class sport bike and pitch it against a car costing about 10 times as much and watch the bike humiliate* the car? No, me neither. See below as Steve Rapp beats the car around the road course by 3 seconds a lap and blasts the Ducati 1198S down the quarter mile with an elapsed time of 10 seconds dead at 145mph.

Just goes to show what an unbelievable performance bargain motorcycles are if you have the skill. Quick, buy one before they make them illegal!

Source: Motor Trend

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*As you might expect, the Ferrari did win the braking test

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