Turn your Kids into Ducatisti with Kiddimoto Bikes

Our formative years are the best times to expose us to a passion that could become life long. With that in mind, why not help your child to learn to ride by getting them a very special balance bike. The Kiddimoto range includes Nicky Hayden, Carl Fogarty and Mike the Bike himself race replicas!

It is cool enough that these bikes look so great and ape the evocative racers of some of Ducati’s most famous pilots, but it turns out that some argue that balance bikes are a superior way to learn to ride compared with the traditional pedals and stabilizers although there is a constant debate on this. Kiddimoto obviously puts forward the balance bike agenda.

Kiddimoto is the perfect early introduction to 2 wheels. Kiddimoto do not have pedals or stabilisers, therefore children learn to balance and steer very quickly. At first, they ride with at least one foot firmly on the ground. As confidence develops, they’ll begin to lift both feet, scooting forward and balancing and occasionally dabbing a foot to the floor when the bike leans over. Soon, they’ll be balancing, learning and playing all at once. The best way to teach a child to cycle is not to use stabilisers, which simply prevent them from developing a proper sense of balance.

link: Kiddimoto Balance Bikes

The bikes are built in the UK and the Hero collection features Mike Hailwood, Nicky Hayden and Carl Fogarty. There are also a number of famous racers of other marques such as Kevin Schwantz, Kenny Roberts and Joey Dunlop.

Pricing is £119 ($183) with free shipping in the UK (£20 to Europe and £45 to the USA). A quick search on Amazon showed that in the US, some models could be purchased for around $170.

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Source: Kiddimoto

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  1. Wow! HAHA, I half the mind to actually do this with my kids bikes one day…