Turbo Ducati 749 Nears Completion

Back in June we brought you reports of a Turbocharged Ducati 749 drag racer from Ducati Bunberry in Australia, the architects of the Ducati 1098R dragbike. Now the project is nearing completion and should run for the first time by the end of the month.

Todd and Wayne Patterson of Ducati Bunberry in Australia like to challenge themselves when it comes to going as fast and as quickly as possible in a quarter mile – they do it with Ducati Superbikes. Their latest creation is a turbo charged Ducati 749 based drag bike which they hope will run in the mid 8 second range at 170mph!! Stock the Ducati 749 makes just 108bhp and weighs 188kg (415lb) but this bike will make around 280bhp and weigh just 135kg (297lb)!!

Wayne recently dropped us a line to let us know the work was progressing well and the bike may even turn a wheel in anger by the end of the month. With such a tight timeline the boys are working non-stop and have closed their workshop to get everything done in time.

“The new bike is nearly done. All the plumbing has been done in a dummy build up and Todd has built the engine and now it’s in the frame and he’s confident it will be running shortly as we’ve entered it for the first event at the end of October!” said Wayne.

Wayne has promised us more photos and a video of the first dyno run where we expect to see some impressive numbers. Stay tuned!

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