Ducati Superbike Collides with 4 Wheels to Produce the Spartan

Imagine taking a Ducati 1198 Superbike engine, mid mounting it in a tubular space frame track car chassis and wrapping the whole thing up in 4 wheeled carbon fiber bodywork so delicious you want to lick it. Congratulations, you just imagined the Spartan V.

The Spartan V track car is the work of two bothers in Australia who, bored with building motorcycle powered buggies, have embarked upon this ambitious project. The resultant Australian $90,000 track car should prove to be a massive insult to the senses as it combines the charismatic 170bhp Ducati 1198 V-twin with light weight, a low center of gravity and performance to rival true Supercars.

One of the brothers, Peter Pap,  told me he has been a car enthusiast since childhood and loved the Italian exotica such as Ferrari and Lamborghini.

“I also love riding and tracking Ducatis so it was inevitable.  I didn’t want to go the Jap engine route purely for that reason.”

The car is named after the legendary Spartans and in a nod to the movie, just 300 will be made. The styling of the Spartan-V is raw and minimalistic, spartan even (get it!). Carbon-fibre body panels with quick-release Dzus fasteners, fully-adjustable racing shock absorbers and exposed suspension components reinforce the aggressive form and function of the product.

The chassis is not only lightweight but extremely tough. The tubular spaceframe design provides superior stiffness and has the signature trellis look, reminiscent of the Ducati motorcycle frame design. The two chrome rollbars are removable so you can add an FIA-approved single rollbar for competition use. There are no paddle shifts, just a traditional chrome gear stick and round knob. The pedal box can be adjusted quickly as can the steering to truly make the driver at one with the car. The exhaust exits via a raw carbon-fibre diffuser that sits below the see-through mesh panel that allows you to see the engine, chassis and suspension.

With 170bhp shifting no more than 300kg (660lb) performance promises to be exultant with claims of the 0-60mph dash being completed in 3 seconds on the way to a top speed knocking on the door of 175mph.

The car in the photos is the prototype which has now gone off for production moulds to be made.  Since the website went live there had already been a few orders and the first deliveries should begin in the new year once final testing is completed. Get more information, including the full specifications from the Spartan website.

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3 Responses to “Ducati Superbike Collides with 4 Wheels to Produce the Spartan”

  1. Certainly more appealing than a hayabusa engined mini

  2. While I am sure this is great news for car guys, as a motorcyclist I am singularly unimpressed when someone takes my favorite motor and puts it in a slower chassis for 3 times more money than my Ducati costs :-(

  3. Yes Alan, but when you stop, you don’t have to put a foot down!