We’re Getting a Power Cruiser, is a Ducati Scooter Next?

With Ducati seemingly prepared to move far from its Sportbike heritage into the Adventure tourer segment with the Multistrada 1200 and commit cardinal sins with the Power Cruiser that looks set to debut this in Milan, what is next from Bologna. Believe it or not, a scooter could be on the cards.

Warren Lee, the official Australian Ducati importer, seems to be a great source of Ducati’s future plans. He correctly signaled as early as March 2009 that what would become the Multistrada 1200 was on its way and that a Power Cruiser that we now refer to variously as the Vyper or Mega Monster was hot on its heels. Next he turned his comments to scooters.

“Ducati is looking at a scooter, but a high-performance model, not a 50cc price-driven thing,” Lee said. “It’s on the backburner at the moment. Maybe after 2010. It’s just simmering at the moment.”

link: Ducati to diversify | The Courier-Mail

Lee doesn’t seem to be the only Ducati man speaking on this topic. Last year Ducati’s Director of Marketing, Diego Sgorbati said in an interview that Ducati is considering a scooter according to Italian language blog.

“Ducati is looking at many segments, scooters, custom, enduro, off-road… it’s a normal expansion. Before going down one road though we look at all the potential barriers, technological and distribution related. For example, how many of our dealers can sell a superbike, as well as a motocross bike? Also, does it match the “soul” of the brand, does it make sense. What worked 20 years ago might not make sense today.. “

link: Motoblog.it (English Translation).

Spanish language scooter website Soloscooter (English Translation) made similar claims in 2009 which make for interesting reading. The site believes the scooter will be a V-twin of around 850cc capacity delivering 100bhp via a sequential, clutch-less transmission with a maintenance free toothed belt final drive. Just as Mr Lee argued, the scooter would be quite sporty with plenty of aluminum and 16″ wheels. Soloscooter offers two renditions of how the new model might look, including one by the ubiquitous Oberdan Bezzi.

So could the scooter be for real? Well Ducati has done it before, producing the 125cc machine pictured above in 1952. The model ran for only 2 years before the cheaper Vespa and Lambretta scooters made it uneconomic. There are enough sources to conclude that Ducati is at least considering entering this large market segment which promises explosive growth in India and China in particular. Clearly, Ducati is committed to expanding its range beyond the core Superbikes as these models become less popular as the baby boomers age.

It could happen, after all Warren Lee is already 2 for 2 and Ducati promotes the Malaguti Phantom F12-R 50cc Ducati Corse SBK Scooter on its website!!

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8 Responses to “We’re Getting a Power Cruiser, is a Ducati Scooter Next?”

  1. Again, I hope it commes.
    I own besides my MTS 1200 a Aprilia Atlantic 500 scooter (1st gen).
    And I simply love it.
    The most Ducati riders (I know) also have a strong affection towwards Italy. And when you go on the streets of Italy you see lots of pretty women ,but also scooters 😉
    And here in the “Benelux” scooters (+125cc) are the best selling bikes. Good deal for ducati imo
    The image of a scooter not being a real bike is BS. People who claim this simply do’nt own one.
    It’s different offcorse, but a real bike non the less

  2. With possibility of a cruiser and scooter Ducati may be opening up a new market while at the same time pushing away some long time fans. I wonder if the trade-off will be worth it?

  3. Why would they push fans away? They are not dropping the monster or superbike line. If somme drops Ducati becouse they bild à scooter than that’s not a Ducatisti but à snob :-)

  4. In my opinion it totally dilutes the brand. It’s fine if Yamaha, Honda, etc. want to build cruisers and scooters. Ducati isn’t those companies, in my view it’s a company that builds sport bikes or something that’s at least close to one. Some people have equated a Ducati cruiser to Ferrari building a truck; I think a Ducati scooter is like Ferrari building a lawnmower.

    Or maybe I’m just a snob. :shrug:

  5. I guess you are 😉
    it’s in the company’s best interest to explore new markets. I’m all for it.

  6. O and remenber the Ferrari 400 (later 512) 4 door saloon car.
    Sold pretty well over here in europe. Just 2 days ago I crossed this beauty on the street. The smell of petrol and oilmix it left begind… there’s no better perfum than that.:-p

  7. If you mean the 400 and 412 they had two doors and four seats. :) I don’t see a contradiction with those as they’re a true GT car, and while most people see Ferrari as a ‘sports car’ company they are in reality more of a GT company. In my mind Lotus is a much better example of a ‘sports car’ company.

  8. I stand corrected. Typo on the 512 , but I screwed up on the 4 door. (unless you’re the sultan of Brunei:-))
    But still that was a Ferrari for people who wanted the legacy of Ferrari but in a “family frindly” and comfertable way , and still have tons of power under the pedal.

    For me the Gilera GP800 was great!
    But clearly we have different opinions 😉 , and just as well.
    Ducati will do enough study’s and opinion survays before the jump into it.
    I’m sure they have X ammount of € they can spare if the scooter project failes.
    You could also say that they pay respect to their herritage in building a scooter for they did once have one. But they also built radio’s and camera’s so…. :-)