Ducati Pull Out of World Superbikes

In a shock move, Ducati has announced today that it will withdraw the factory team in World Superbikes in 2011 and instead focus on developing the next generation of Superbike technology.

Ducati have played a major role in the series since its inception, winning the first ever World Superbike round in 1988 and going on to claim 16 manufacturer and 13 riders’ titles in the series.

“This decision is part of a specific strategy made by Ducati, the aim being to further increase technological content in production models that will arrive on the market in the coming years. In order to achieve this objective, the company’s technical resources, until now engaged with the management of the factory Superbike team, will instead be dedicated to the development of the new generation of hypersport bikes, in both their homologated and Superbike race versions,” declared Gabriele Del Torchio, President and CEO of Ducati. “I would like to thank Nori and Michel, and all of the riders that have contributed to the great history of Ducati in Superbike, but above all the Ducati employees; it is their hard work and professionalism that has allowed us to achieve such important results

link: Ducati.com

Ducati 1198R’s will still be on the circuit next year but they will be in the hands of private teams which the company pledges to still support. Ducati is planning to divert the resources formerly used in the factory racing effort to increase ‘the speed and efficiency with which it transfers advanced technological solutions, currently tested in the prototype championship, to the production series.’

Just last week, Ducati News Today reported on the radical new monocoque chassis Ducati Superbike that will debut in 2012.

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9 Responses to “Ducati Pull Out of World Superbikes”

  1. Never gonna happen. Only a bargaining tool at this time.

  2. I can’t believe, it`s the same that Ferrari pull out of F1. I’m disapointed

  3. @ Juliano.
    Well not really. I’d consider Moto GP to be more F1’ish.
    Both prototype vehicles. WSBK is more sportscar like. Stuff you can buy in dealerships.
    As sad as it is, it kinda makes sence to me.Focus on MotoGP… the pinacle of motoracing.
    That said , reading this news make me feel like someone died that i know… Disbelief

  4. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. IF they had to pull out of one series I’d have rather seen them leave MotoGP than WSBK. To me WSBK is what Ducati is all about.

    I have to say the events of the last few months have me seriously questioning the sanity of the current leadership.

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