Ducati CEO Confirms Rossi (and Hayden) for 2011 [UPDATED x2]

Valentino Rossi joining Ducati in MotoGP has switched from a crazy rumor to rampant expectation of an almost anti-climactic nature as we await the Doctor himself to advise of his decision formally at Brno. Having said that, there has never been any formal comment from the man himself or Ducati that he has actually signed….until now.

None other than the boss himself, Ducati CEO, Gabriele Del Torchio has clearly stated in an interview given to Cycle World Magazine contributor Bruno dePrato that Rossi will be in Red next year on board the companies Ducati Desmosedici racer.

“Nicky is a wonderful person and a great rider. This year, he greatly contributed to improving our Desmosedici racer. Next year, he and Valentino will hone the bike to its ultimate winning potential.”

link: Cycle World

Del Torchio’s comments also confirm that Nicky Hayden will still be factory Ducati mounted next year as was widely anticipated given his stronger performance this year. So there you have it. Presumably the formal announcement will come some time during the Brno racing scheduled for August 15th, most likely on the Sunday following the race, if not in a pre-race press conference. Wouldn’t it be nice for Rossi to announce his future intentions and then go on to victory on Sunday!

UPDATE: Ducati have issued a press release denying that any agreement with Rossi or Hayden has been reached.

UPDATE 2: Cycle World have added Ducati’s Press Release to their online story but have not made any changes to the story claims or the quotes attributed to Del Torchio

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