Ducati Streetfighter Rolling Rizoma Showcase

We like Ducati Streetfighters at Ducati News Today and we like Ducati Specials. So when Roland and the team at Motovation Accessories pointed me in the direction of their custom painted and tricked out Streetfighter S, it was only a matter of time before it was featured on Wallpaper Wednesday.

The bike started out as a stock Black Streetfighter S purchased from Ducati Austin. It didn’t stay that way for long. A whole bunch of stylish and functional accessories were applied by Motovation. When you look at the list below you can see they took advantage of being the largest Rizoma distributors in the US and turned their bike into a rolling showcase for the products.

Custom Paint was applied by Southern Metal Customs in Austin, TX and Will Gibson took the pictures. The result? Tasty! Enjoy.


  • Billet Clutch Cover and Pressure Plate
  • Adjustable Folding levers
  • Circuit 851 mirrors with Rizoma Adapters
  • Lux Billet Grips
  • Billet Fluid Reservoirs
  • Billet Oil Filler Cap
  • Billet Sprocket Cover
  • Billet License Plate Relocator
  • Track 77 Turn Signals Front and Rear
  • Billet Adjustable Rearsets
  • Front and Rear Billet Timing Belt Covers
  • 29mm Gold Anodized Conical Bars
  • Waterpump Slider Kit

Ducati Performance Accessories

  • Quick Release Fuel Cap
  • Racing Seat
  • Termignoni Carbon Slipons

Other Accessories

  • STM Frame plugs & Billet fork Pre-load adjusters
  • Cox Radiator, Oil Cooler and Chain Guard
  • Motovation Frame Sliders, Fork Sliders, Axle Sliders & Stainless Gold Trimmed Barends
  • Arrow Titanium Steering Damper with Motovation mounting kit.
  • Carbon Fiber Key Guard, Swingarm Cover, Undertail Panel, Radiator Guard, Undertank Panels, Instrument Cover, Rear Hugger, Front Fender, Airbox Covers.

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  1. Ducati Streetfighter S von Rizoma…

    Rizoma, bekannt vor allem für seine edlen Alukreationen, hat aus dem Ducati Straßenkämpfer Streetfighter S eine Schaubühne für seine Produkte auf die noblen Räder gestellt. Carbon, Carbon und noch mehr Carbon sorgen in Verbindung mit den Rizoma Anbaute…

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