Wallpaper Wednesday: 1992 Ducati 900SS Special

Welcome to Wallpaper Wednesday. Every week I will post up something beautiful from the world of Ducati that you just might like to have grace your desktop. This week we have a 1992 Ducati 900SS Special.

Meet Marcos Lara’s 900SS Custom by Steve Monroe of Loudbike. As much a work of art as track weapon, this is one 900SS that leaves you muttering to yourself as you look it over. I’ll let you learn all about Marcos’ bike in his own words.

“Truth is, very little remains stock on my “Loudbike”, as she’s called, but what is unusual about my 900SS, despite the extensive modifications, is that she remains unmistakably, unapologetically, 100% the 900SS we all know and love, there is just more purpose and grace to her, a hell of a lot more, if i don’t say so myself. When you build a bike to this level you better have a vision of what you want or you waste a ton of money just trying things out. My design philosophy was to instill her with passion, purpose and the pedigree the stock 900SS streetbike never achived and in the process elevate the 900SS to it’s rightful place as one of the loveliest ducati’s ever produced.”

“The bike took almost 2 years to complete and it is one thing to modify a Ducati and have it be a unique work of art, and many ducatisti have wonderfully wild bikes, but I focused my modifications and as such they never violate that sense of what a 900SS was intended to be, an outstanding canyon carver with tons of torque, all the noise, drop dead good looks with “go all day long” ergonomics, comfort and reliability.”

Today a Ducati 900SS can be had for a song. Marcus hope his work will inspire others to find and take care of these superlative sport bikes.

“There are so many 900SS’ languishing outdoors and rusting, it just breaks my heart to see it. I hope this inspires owners everywhere to rethink what they own and spend a little love to restore there bikes amazing beauty.”

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Detailed Specs (and I mean ‘Detailed’)

Engine/drive train:
* Kiehin FCR41 carbs
* Vintage “green” fuel lines
* FBF 944 piston kit (11.25:1 compression)
* Top mounted oil cooler kit
* Fren Tubo blue and red anodized oil lines
* Nichols CNC clutch basket – 3.5lbs lighter than stock
* Yoyodyne 22oz. flywheel
* Staintune stainless full spaghetti header (2mm over) (out of production)
* Staintune stainless high mount cans (out of production)
* CNC finned exhaust flanges
* STM gold pressure plate
* Cyclecat red spring retainers (out of production)
* Evoluzione CNC clutch slave cylinder (rare early prototype version)
* BMC CNC oil galley mounts on the cylinder jugs (out of production)
* Chris Clarke CNC clutch cover (out of production)
* Gia Ca Moto gold anodized CNC oil plug (out of production)
* Carbon Dream belt covers (out of production)
* Blacked out cylinders with polished fins
* Nichols “Flying D” alternator side engine logo cover

* Brembo cast iron, full floating rotors on CNC carriers (out of production)
* Brembo Superbike Master Cylinders
* Custom made brake lines
* Yoyodyne caliper adapter – 40mm Brembo Caliper to 65mm Fork
* Michelin Pilot Power front and rear

* 2006 749 TiN-coated 43 millimeter upside down Showa forks
* Forks modified with Race Tech “Gold Valves” and Springs by Loudbike
* Ohlins rear shock
* Ohlins steering damper
* Metmachex aluminum swing arm w/ eccentric
* Cyclecat CNC superbike top triple clamp (out of production)
* Polished lower triple clamp
* Cyclecat CNC adjustable clip-ons (out of production)
* Polished stock Brembo rims

* 1991 colors scheme and decals
* Ducati-Kämna bikini faring with custom machined frame stand offs
* Karbaucher Carbon fiber “superlight” seat (out of production)
* NCR machined aluminum locking gas cap
* Anodized red fasteners galore
* Carbon fiber fuse box and side plates (out of production)
* Shift-Tech carbon fiber 749 front fender

* Nichols motor mount bolts
* Nichols CNC “Superlight” high mount exhausthangers
* MR Evo rear sets
* White powder coated frame
* White powder coated front sub-frame
* Skillfully trimmed rear fender
* Kellerman turn signals
* Custom machined Delrin swingarm plugs
* Custom machined rear axle lift spools
* Custom machined brackets, plugs and fasteners all over and a loudbike sticker on the swingarm

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  1. Beautiful bike and execution!