Ducati Disses Apple with Windows 7 Theme

They both produce sexy products their fans clamor for and both have strong brand identities but Apple and Ducati also share the same US home base in Cupertino. In fact the Ducati USA HQ is actually in space previously occupied by Apple. That explains why there is a Ducati 1098 video on Apple’s official site and why the brand has featured in slides during Apple keynotes. Apple and Ducati just seem to go together … except when they don’t.

Ducati might now be dead to Apple after the Italian company features as a downloadable theme in the newly released Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. Fair enough, many people are forced to use Windows and a few even prefer it :) If that is the case you can find the Windows 7 Ducati theme along with a Ferrari one and a few others at Microsoft.com.

For the Apple fans, no theme but I can refer you to some cool iPhone Ducati Streetfighter Wallpapers

3 Responses to “Ducati Disses Apple with Windows 7 Theme”

  1. Downloaded as soon as it was released! :-) It’s pretty sweet. You can cycle through backgrounds on a schedule you can set up (every x minutes, hourly, daily, etc). I haven’t had time to mess with it to see if I can add more pics to the cycle of images yet.

  2. Apple fanatics take this stuff waaaayyy too seriously.

  3. @Jett You are right of course :)