eBay Temptations: Brand New Ducati Supermono

We’ve raved about the gorgeous, rare and consequently achingly desirable Ducati Supermono before but we haven’t seen a new one for sale until now. Time to break out the check book.

The Ducati Supermono is the rarest of all modern Ducatis with only around 70 examples of this exotic racer being made. Extremely light at just 122kg (269lb), the bike ultimately produced 81 bhp at 10,000 rpm. The Supermono still looks modern today despite being almost 15 years old. This example is number 59 and the 14th produced in 1995 and probably the only new one available since most were raced as they were intended.

The bike is in Italy but is listed on eBay UK with a starting bid of 50,000 pounds (around US$84,000). The auction expires on August 14th. Let me know if you buy it!!

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