Martini Racing Ducati 1098S Special

Martini Racing is usually associated with race cars but the evocative color scheme looks fantastic on bikes too as this Ducati 1098S special prepared by Hattar motorsports in the USA clearly shows.

A stock Ducati 1098S was prepped by Hattar Motorsports with a nice collection of Performance parts that make this machine go as fast as it looks. The resultant $37,000 special was tested by Motorcycle USA.

BikeExif reports and ducatinewstoday agrees that the 1098/1198 style is well suited to classic racing color schemes as the Gulf Ducati below indicates.

For the 5 people who still actually buy motorcycle magazines, a rcent issue of UK’s BIKE magazine featured a trick Yamaha R1 with an equally trick Martini paint job.

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  1. That Hatter Motorsports version is beautiful!