Ducati Confirms the Strada Aperta Adventure Tourer

After months of speculation Ducati has finally confirmed the existence of the Adventure Tourer and that it will be unveiled to the public at the EICMA Milan show in November.

Ducati has been developing a new model which has been variously described as a replacement for the Multistrada, and Adventure tourer and the Strada Aperta (Open Road). During a recent interview, Ducati marketing executive, Diego Sgorbati, confirmed that the new model would be shown at the EICMA show in Milan this November.

What are you bringing to EICMA 2009? 2010? “For 2009 there will be quite a few surprises, and multiple new bikes. The ‘road enduro’ of which many spy photos exist will be there… however, we don’t think of it as an ‘road enduro’ like the mags describe it.”

Source: Translation by ducati.ms forum member alexio

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