Rare Collection of Ducati’s Shown in New York Garage!

Ducati owners can sometimes have a reputation for being a little elitist but imagine a display of motorcycles where only rare as hens teeth, TT F1/F2 spec competition machines are invited! That’s what happened recently at an industrial garage in Queens, NY. Actually that’s not quite correct, a road going Ducati 750SS was let in too. The owner must have known someone!

Even though the display was very informal, the turn out of machinery was simply stunning with 4 authentic TTF1 or F2 bikes as well as numerous factory built replicas with special aftermarket frames.Wish I was there!

But not just any Ducati was invited, only TT-spec competition bikes. Held at a nondescript industrial garage where he maintains limos, by 11 that morning there were three authentic TT1s and one TT2 in attendance. The other nearly two-dozen TT models that showed up were all factory-built aftermarket replicas, featuring frames by Harris, Verlicchi and Maltry. Several Ducati F1s were on hand too, along with a stunning, all-original 1973 750SS “green frame” model brought down from New Hampshire by its original owner.

link: Hemmings Auto Blogs

Thanks to Dan at Rare SportBikes for Sale for the heads-up!


To my regular readers, Tuesday is normally reserved for an original piece of work.  I had something planned and started, I really did, but I am in the middle of moving house today and tomorrow and I simply ran out of time.  My apologies.  Normal Tuesday service will be resumed next week!  Thanks for your understanding.

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