Wallpaper Wednesday: Ducati 750F1

Welcome to Wallpaper Wednesday. Every week I will post up something beautiful from the world of Ducati that you just might like to have grace your desktop. This week we have another oldie, the Ducati 750F1.

Launched in 1985 and marketed as a street version of the TT1 racing bike, the Ducati 750F1 was truly a minimalist sports machine for the rider who desired no frippery. The frame was based on the TT2/TT1 racers and the bike sported the then trendy 16 inch front wheel, and cast iron floating Brembo brake rotors. The engine was really just a bored out 650 Pantah but the light weight and accessible power delivery made it a decidably competent back road machine. The 750F1 is very collectible today, especially the higher spec limited edition Montjuich, Laguna Seca and Santamonica models.

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