Ducatinewstoday Editor Crashes his Monster [UPDATED]

img 5298 thumb Ducatinewstoday Editor Crashes his Monster [UPDATED]Even as I rolled to a stop, slumped in the sandy run off area of Roebling Road Raceway, relieved by the sudden quietness and calm after the violence of falling at around 100 mph, the phrase jumped into my head. Reflexively, I began spitting out the sand that had filled my helmet (and it felt like) my lungs but I heard the haunting words I had read only days ago very clearly through my coughing and spluttering – “You can’t win a track day but you sure can lose it”. Oh dear, what had I done.

It had all started well on Monday (March 30th) as a US Desmo Track Day at Roebling Road near Savannah, GA. I had entered my Ducati Monster S4Rs in the advanced group and had been enjoying circulating the flowing and fast track in the first few sessions before losing the front end at around 100mph. you have no idea how dumb I am feeling right now.

This trackday experience will be an input in the future to the Modding the Monster series, a trackday overview and also the track portion of a planned review of the Pirelli Diablo Rosso tires I was using (the fall was caused by me, not the tires).

I am telling you all this in abbreviated form by way of an apology in advance. I won’t be able to cover the 3rd round of the World Superbike Championships at Valencia this weekend (my preview is here) or the Atlanta round of the AMA Pro Superbike series since I will be recovering from surgery on my shoulder that I may very well be undergoing as you read this (as long as you are reading this around 12 noon EDST).

The x-ray below highlights the problem, a noticeable impact I felt during the crash that led to a fractured left scapula with a significant displacement to go along with it.

xray thumb Ducatinewstoday Editor Crashes his Monster [UPDATED]

img 5321 thumb Ducatinewstoday Editor Crashes his Monster [UPDATED]

img00002 thumb Ducatinewstoday Editor Crashes his Monster [UPDATED]The surgery went well and yesterday (2 weeks later) I had the staples removed from the incision area and new x-rays which showed everything is healing nicely. I can now start start physical therapy to regain the range of motion. The pain is slowly subsiding and I have started to take a look at the bike. I continue to be amazed at how little apparent damage was done but will hold my judgement until everything is fully checked out. I spent some time cleaning out all of the sand that caked the bike and removing a lot from the airbox cavity, luckily the throttle bodies were clear. The video below give you a pretty good idea of how limited the damage really was. And yes, I did remark during registration that 13 was an unlucky number!

So all in all very lucky. Now just need to get fit and ride ready for the Ducati Streetfighter US launch event!!

7 Responses to “Ducatinewstoday Editor Crashes his Monster [UPDATED]”

  1. A sad blip in the life of Mr Ducatinewstoday and his bike. Heal fast! We want to see the posts about the rebuilding of this beast too.

  2. Thanks for your note Chris, I appreciate it!!

  3. Get well soon! Alan mentioned some of the details at lunch today during the ride – you were missed! He said you were putting in some good lap times. Take care, and hopefully the surgery went well!

  4. thanks Mike. I am trying to make it out for the dinner on Monday night. Hope to see you there.

  5. Maybe the editor would be better off to leave the actual fast riding to younger, fitter, more agile bikers? Maybe he’s not as coordinated as when he was younger? (Hard to imagine, I know.) Instead, he might consider selling the Duke and watching from the sidelines with hot dog in hand. Maybe he should even consider the slower paced luxury only afforded by a Gold Wing? (eg. goldwingnewstoday.com) Any thoughts on this? On a related note… I love the x-ray. Almost as cool as if you had swallowed a bunch of nuts and bolts — or maybe even a greasy chain. Got an encore planned?


  6. Richard Morrison on April 5th, 2009 at 5:55 pm

    Heal fast brother – lucky the bike doesn’t look too bad for that kind of off!
    Actually I’m a little surprised – why didn’t you just put more pressure on your knee to save the front like I do all the time when I slide the front on the road?
    Get a triumph alright!


  7. Richard and Jeffro

    You seem witty and helpful in equal measure. Thanks for your advice :)